Overview: Retail Technology

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Two IKEA employees talk to each other; Copyright: INGKA Group

AI revolution at IKEA retail


IKEA is bringing forward a bold initiative to embed Artificial Intelligence literacy across its organisation, embracing the future of technology and humanity, hand in hand.
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Four people sit together and discuss their business plans on a whiteboard; Copyright: Austin Distel / Unsplash

Leading global grocery retailers establish collaborative venture fund


The fund will seek to invest in innovative start-ups and scale-ups that deploy technology to enhance customer experiences, transform the grocery value chain and address the sector’s sustainability challenges.
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A smartphone with Google pay on the display lies next to a laptop; Copyright: Matthew Kwong / Unsplash

Global market share of online payment services


Shoppers love to pay with their Amazon Pay account on non-Amazon websites, but merchants prefer different payment options like PayPal, Google Pay or Apple Pay.
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A big orange robotic arm carrying a container in a huge warehouse; Copyright: Walmart

Walmart Canada’s supply chain gets a high-tech makeover


Walmart Canada is making investments in the modernization of its distribution centres: the goal is to transform the supply chain with robotics and automation.
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Fruit and vegetable department of a SPAR supermarket in Austria; Copyright: SPAR/Foto Karg

AI-assisted inventory management and shelf planning in food retail


Optimal inventory management is important in food retail. Food waste can be combated with the help of AI and precise predictions of purchasing behavior.
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A shopping cart with a display on the handle; Copyright: ColruytGroup

Smart Cart developed and tested in-house at Colruyt Lowest Prices


Customers at Colruyt Lowest Prices might see a very special cart popping up in the aisles of their store. A new type of innovative shopping cart will be tested.
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A man stands in front of a glass wall behind which many different virtual displays of statistics can be seen; Copyright: Coresight Research/competera

AI pricing for retailers: Coresight research report delivers insights


The new report outlines the measurable advantages of utilizing AI for pricing decisions, as well as the obstacles retailers must overcome to maximize the returns of AI pricing technology investments.
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Symbolic image for artificial intelligence, a virtual cloud with

GemArt, JewelBot, and VoiceGem: new implementations of AI in the jewelry industry


The first Artificial Intelligence platform designed exclusively for jewelers offers three cutting-edge AI tools: each is tailored to revolutionize business operations and drive growth.
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A person holds a tablet in their hand, a virtual shoe floats above it and in the background are other symbols that are supposed to stand for AI; Copyright: First Insight

AI perception gap on predictive analytics value


A new study uncovers a divide within the retail sector: CEOs are half as likely to see AI’s predictive analytics as a top 3 promising application compared to their management teams.
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A woman as a digital presenter in an app for sales; Copyright: announces new AI service package for merchants

14.03.2024 announced the launch of a suite of solutions for third-party merchants to boost revenues. This includes new AI services designed to reduce merchants’ operational costs.
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