Overview: Shop Fitting, Store Design & Visual Merchandising

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The Bang & Olufsen and Ferrari celebration at the Ferrari Flagship Store in Milan; Copyright: Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen and Ferrari celebrates the Ferrari Collection


Bang & Olufsen and Ferrari hosted a celebration event on Tuesday, the 29 of August at the Ferrari Flagship Store in the heart of Milan.
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The interior of a new Swarovski Optik store with lots of wooden furniture; Copyright: Swarovski Optik

Swarovski Optik opens its first store worldwide


The design of the new Swarovski Optik store in Wattens, Austria, is based on the love of nature.
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The inside of a new Lotus flagship store with a big round light element covering the ceiling, under it a yellow Lotus sports car; copyright: Lotus

New Lotus London flagship store opens in Mayfair


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The transformed 1981 Boeing 747-230B aircraft; Copyright: Coach

"Coach Airways": retail concept store within a plane


Freeport A’Famosa Outlet is proud to unveil the world’s first Coach Airways, a unique retail concept store and café housed in a transformed 1981 Boeing 747-230B aircraft.
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View of a branch of the bookseller Barnes & Noble with book tables in the foreground; Copyright: Barnes & Noble

Designing bookstores for the reading renaissance


If you follow Barnes & Noble's press releases lately, it's not uncommon to read about new store openings. Barnes & Noble (B&N) attributes the expansion of its store network to “a reading renaissance and renewed enthusiasm for physical bookstores”.
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A man gives a talk on a stage in front of an audience; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf/ctillmann

Store Design Stage @ EuroShop 2023


One topic that never fails to excite visitors to EuroShop is store design. The dimension Shop Fitting, Store Design & Visual Merchandising is not only a feast for the eyes, it also visualizes impressively clearly the great effect design has on the customer experience and the success of a store.
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Man walks between metal shelves in a hardware store; Copyright: Tegometall

TegoClassic: reliable shelving that fits perfectly


The TegoClassic modular shelving system has a load capacity of up to 460 kg and facilitates optimal use of the available shop floor thanks to the flexible design with a 50 or 25 mm pitch. The European production locations of Tegometall guarantee short transport routes and delivery times for both small- and large-scale production.
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Three trophies of the EuroShop RetailDesign Award next to each other; copyright: EHI

Store designs that amaze


The nominees of the EuroShop RetailDesign Award (ERDA) 2023 showcase outstanding store designs in retail and hospitality.
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Three trophies of the ERDA China; copyright: C-In-Store

From apocalypse to tradition: The best Chinese store designs 2022


The EuroShop RetailDesign Award China 2022 was awarded to the best store designs in the Chinese retail industry for the most stunning designs
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Wilson pop-up store with a yellow store design with tennis balls in in New York City; copyright: Richard Cadan Photography

Wilson pop-up store about the brand's role in the 2021 U.S. Open


This 4600-sq.-ft. pop-up in New York City focuses on celebrating Wilson’s 108-year brand history and as a tie-in to the 2021 U.S. Open. Wilson hoped to capture the energy and excitement of that marquee event.
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