Recyclable wooden building blocks; Copyright: TRIQBRIQ AG

Sustainable timber building blocks for innovative supermarket construction


EDEKA Minden-Hannover has opted for a completely recyclable timber construction system for a new shop. The wooden building blocks are made from damaged wood and offer a number of advantages.
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Four different fuel taps at a filling station; Copyright: lucigerma/Envato

Biofuels for sustainable retail logistics


Leading retailers such as Walmart, Tesco, EDEKA and SPAR are under pressure to make their transport methods more environmentally friendly. They are therefore trialling alternative drive methods such as biofuels.
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A colorful bikini, next to it a smartphone with a product description and a label with a QR code; Copyright: bonprix

Digital product passport: transparency at bonprix and s.Oliver


Customers care about the environmental footprint of products and are demanding more transparency. The fashion companies bonprix and s.Oliver use technical tracing solutions to provide information about the origin and the environmental impact.
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Trays to showcase luxury leather goods; Copyright: DIEGO TEXERA PHOTOGRAPHY

Coach’s new Salt Lake City store features fully circular surfacing


Fashion house Coach’s reopened a store that is outfitted with fully recycled and recyclable plastic panels made from waste.
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Two people each holding a meat package; Copyright: Central Retail

Tops launches 100% biodegradable eco-friendly meat packaging


Tops launches eco-friendly meat packaging for chilled meat sections. It utilises natural plant materials that swiftly decompose and reduce plastic pollution.
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Chef holding frying pan, cooking food over the stove; Copyright: Image-Source/envato element

Food service equipment market size is set to grow


The global food service equipment market is driven by demands for environmentally friendly technologies and smart, networked devices.
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Image of a virtual supermarket; Copyright: ILR/Uni Bonn

Nudging in a virtual supermarket for more animal welfare


It may be possible to change the purchasing behavior of consumers noticeably using some simple strategies. At least this is what a study, carried out by the University of Bonn and the Technical University of Munich, indicates.
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Four people sit together and discuss their business plans on a whiteboard; Copyright: Austin Distel / Unsplash

Leading global grocery retailers establish collaborative venture fund


The fund will seek to invest in innovative start-ups and scale-ups that deploy technology to enhance customer experiences, transform the grocery value chain and address the sector’s sustainability challenges.
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Several people transporting plastic waste; Copyright: LUSH

Prevented Ocean Plastic: LUSH cosmetics making the swap


LUSH is looking for ways to innovate with packaging, to save resources and protect the environment. Now the cosmetics retailer is introducing Prevented Ocean Plastic globally.
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A bake shop with a modern shop design and lighting in a grid pattern; Copyright: Imoon

Lighting technology by Imoon renovates retailing formats


Energy efficiency and experiential design are driving innovation in the retail industry. Lighting design is emerging as a key element for sustainability and the creation of immersive shopping experiences.
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Decor bricks made from a compression of out-of-use clothing; Copyright: Printemps

Printemps upcycles its decor


As part of its commitment to a environmentally responsible store design, Printemps is increasing the use of upcycled materials to decorate its retail spaces.
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Pyramid-shaped display and illuminated counter and structurally wound paper yarn element with green sensor yarn; Copyright: DITF

Recyclable event and trade fair furniture made of paper


Sustainable furniture for temporary events is in demand: for example, furniture that can be recycled.
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A room with a technological system in the background, in front of it a person is holding a tablet with a dashboard; copyright: Adobe Stock

How do retail companies save energy?


The study "Energy Management in Retail 2023" provides insights into the energy consumption of retail companies. Examples of how they save energy are intended to serve as inspiration for others.
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A fruit and vegetable section in a supermarket; copyright: SPAR/Foto Karg

Innovation campaign for fresher fruit and vegetables awarded


With its innovative "Fruit and vegetables 3 days fresher" campaign, SPAR Austria won the "Future of European Commerce" Award in the Digitalisation category.
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Danfoss leads the way to zero-emission supermarkets


Danfoss is testing what environmentally friendly supermarkets could look like in a smart store. State-of-the-art technologies in the fields of refrigeration, heat recovery and energy management are being used.
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German Interior Design Award 2023


On September 29th, 2023, the Association of German Interior Designers bestowed the German Interior Design Award, 2023, in recognition of exceptional craftsmanship by interior designers in Germany.
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The OCTAlux stand by OCTANORM; Copyright: MWSYSTEM

System stand construction: The magic of trade fair construction


Building stands sustainably and nevertheless eye-catching? That's one of the daily challenges for exhibitors just as it is for the trade show construction and expo marketing industry. Benjamin Bruder of OCTANORM explains to us why system stand construction can be a solution and a model for the future.
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A robot hand on which a burger is placed; Copyright: Business Wire

SavorEat debuts first plant-based Robot Chef


SavorEat, the food tech company bringing customization and sustainability (using AI and 3D printing technologies) to food service, partners with Sodexo to bring SavorEat’s Robot Chef into the U.S. market.
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Stairs in a large shopping center; Copyright: UNIQLO

Newly-renovated UNIQLO Paris Opera store opened


Apparel retailer UNIQLO announced the reopening of the UNIQLO Paris Opera store on September 15, following an eight-month renovation.
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Lampen von Signify auf der EuroShop; Copyright: Messe Düsseldorf/Andreas Wiese

Lighting management in retail


We spoke with Dennis Sczech from Signify DACH about the current potential in lighting management: This includes the Internet of Things, sustainable lighting solutions and in-store navigation.
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The Cameron Battery Storage, is co-located with Ingka Investments’ Cameron Wind Farm ; Copyright: Ingka

Ingka Investments partners with Apex Clean Energy


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A ship full of Maersk containers; Copyright: Bestseller

Bestseller joins a pioneering voyage


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Flower beds and plants among old flat industrial buildings; Copyright: Messe Düsseldorf/Moebius

Victoria Yards in Johannesburg: working, selling and learning together


The Victoria Yards in Johannesburg, South Africa is an innovative mixed-use project that combines art, social initiatives, sustainability, and commerce.
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big blue containers wih huge insulated tubes going into them; copyright: Goterra

Maggot robots helping Woolworths work towards zero food waste


An innovative new food waste management system is set to launch at Woolworths to transform how the city deals with the thousands of tonnes of food waste generated each week.
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A fruit and vegetable shelf with fresh food sprayed with a fine mist of spray; Copyright: Messe Düsseldorf/Andreas Wiese

Carrefour is committed to reducing its stores' water consumption in France


Carrefour is pledging to make more efficient use of water: it wants to reduce consumption in its France stores by 10% until 2025.
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The Apple Store in Mumbai from the outside; Copyright: Elke Moebius/Messe Düsseldorf

Apple opens first retail store in India


On April 18, 2023, Apple opened its first store in India. In addition to the products themselves, the focus here is on the customer experience and service. The architecture and energy supply of the building are also remarkable.
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The Future-Urban-Lab booth at EuroShop; Copyright: Andreas Wiese/Messe Düsseldorf

What are the building blocks for the city center of tomorrow?


For retail as well as for our coexistence in cities, the following applies: Our demands and habits are changing. In addition, there is an accelerated change in areas such as digitalization, climate and infrastructure. It is therefore particularly exciting to find answers to the question: What constitutes a livable, future-oriented city center for us?
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Plastic trash floating in blue water; copyright: Naja Bertolt Jensen/Unsplash

Exhibiting more sustainably: Circular economy in trade fair construction


In trade show construction, the circular economy is becoming increasingly important. Inspiring projects show how resource conservation is already being implemented today.
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Various male clothes and accessoires lying on the floor; Copyright: Public Co / Pixabay

Bergdorf Goodman announces the launch of Conscious Closet


Bergdorf Goodman announced ‘Conscious Closet’, a new program dedicated to extending the useful life of customers’ luxury goods. With five primary focuses – Edit, Repair, Alter, Resell, and Give Back – Conscious Closet scales the retailer’s support for circular business models.
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A symbolic image of greenhouse gases and climate change; Copyright: Chris LeBoutillier/Unsplash

Natural refrigerants: the new cool


Food refrigeration in grocery stores is directly linked to global warming. Natural refrigerants reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
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Close-up of ice cubes lying on a dark shiny surface against a blue background; copyright: nodar77/Envato

CO2 refrigeration system for grocery retailers


The challenge for food retailers to refrigerate efficiently and sustainably is growing. Innovative technologies can help.
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Booklets on the shelf; copyright: Unsplash/Maarten van den Heuvel

Sustainability reporting becomes mandatory


The critical view of CO2 emissions and many other sustainability issues is increasing. Soon, no one will be able to avoid taking appropriate measures and communicating them.
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LIDL Metropol branch in Frankfurt by night; Copyright: LIDL

Lighting: solutions that benefit climate action and customers


Acting sustainably is the credo of the hour for many companies. For retailers, this applies to store lighting, among other things. We have collected a few examples of resource-saving illumination.
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Interactive screen in the window of the BOSS store in London; The new Zara store from the outside; Copyright: DOMO FOTOGRAFIA S.L: HUGO BOSS

Retail Store Concept: Reimagining Traditional Shopping


The new store of Spanish fashion brand Zara on Madrid’s Plaza de España not only entices shoppers with its design but also addresses topics that modern consumers continue to embrace: returns management, sustainability, and innovative checkout systems.
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Benetton sustainable store recycled materials store design floor; copyright: Benetton

The ecological footprint of shopfitting: Every pebble counts


We only have one world. Increasing climate extremes such as droughts, wildfires, floods, and storms make us painfully aware of this simple fact. The retail community is exploring ways to reduce its ecological footprint. For inspiration, we have collected some great store construction and shopfitting examples that illustrate how retail companies save energy and resources.
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Sustainable material samples from the Innovation Hub Duisburg; Copyright: umdasch

Materials and Surfaces: how nice-to-have aspects turned into must-have elements


Environmentally friendly actions and shopfitting systems have long been a critical requirement in retail environments according to Swantje Donath, Shop Consultant at umdasch The Store Makers. But what does that mean exactly?
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Young man in a shopping mall; copyright: ASphotostudio

Branding without compromise: fusing store design and technology


Unique retail shop designs invite you on a journey through the store. Satvinder Singh told us how the work of a design specialist in India has changed and what role technology and sustainability play in this setting.
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A brown paper package with labels on it and the Fraunhofer logo; copyright: Fraunhofer

Bioactive paper coatings to replace plastic for packaging foods


As part of the “BioActiveMaterials” project, researchers at the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft have developed an eco-friendly coating for paper packaging.
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 Automation concept on blurred supermarket background; Copyright: PantherMedia / Funtap

Sustainable Smart Stores: The Concept of the Future?


Xenia Giese from Microsoft tells how stores could save money, time and resources and thus operate even more efficiently and sustainably.
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A young woman stands at an exhibitor booth; copyright:© beta-web GmbH/Saeed

Trends in brick-and-mortar retail: 3 tips


Educating and entertaining customers – according to Vanessa Keen, Head of New Business and Marketing of Design4Retail, that’s what retailers need to do to get consumers in their stores. And in-store technology plays a major role in that regard.
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Man and woman standing at the booth at EuroShop 2020; copyright: beta-web GmbH/Klein

Reusable exhibition stand construction systems


Exhibition construction with zero waste – Bastian König, International Sales Manager at Aluvision strives to implement this concept. The company aims to make this a reality and produces systems for the exhibit and event industry that are durable, versatile and reusable.
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Image: Clothes hanger hanging on wooden wall; Copyright: ixtenso

Sustainably impressive: Green solutions at EuroShop 2020


Many exhibitors at EuroShop 2020 are presenting sustainable retail solutions for all kinds of areas in the store.
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