German Interior Design Award 2023

Discover the 8 most stunning works in retail, gastronomy, and trade fair construction!


"La Visione" – Where restaurant meets co-working space and more

"La Visione" - restaurant, co-working, staff meeting place; Copyright: Zooey Braun

© Zooey Braun

"Beckesepp" – The quintessential supermarket, bakery, and café

"Beckesepp" - supermarket, bakery and café; Copyright: Markus Edgar Ruf

© Markus Edgar Ruf

"Ege Carpets" – Unveiling the exhibition stand at Orgatec 2022

"Ege Carpets" - Exhibition stand - Orgatec 2022 ; Copyright: Hans-Georg Esch

© Hans-Georg Esch

"Hungry Eyes" – A visionary optician store

"Hungry Eyes" - Opticians Store; Copyright: Julia Ochs

© Julia Ochs

"Ōkyū" – The Japanese dining experience

"Ōkyū" - Japanese restaurant; Copyright: Philip Kottlorz

© Philip Kottlorz

"The Morgenmuffel" – Rise and shine at the breakfast and brunch haven

"The Morgenmuffel" - breakfast and brunch restaurant; Copyright: Nina Struve Photography

© Nina Struve Photography

"Spring Feast" – Savor nature's bounty at this restaurant

„Spring Feast“ – Restaurant; Copyright: One Thousand Degrees IMAGE

© One Thousand Degrees IMAGE

"Tipsy" – Concept store, where wine and warmth collide

„Tipsy“ – Interieur Wine Concept Store; Copyright: Herbert Stolz

© Herbert Stolz

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