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  • J.D. Geck GmbH

    Altena, Germany
    J.D. Geck GmbH is Europe's leading producer of merchandise supports for shelving systems. The company's hallmarks are a wealth of ideas, the ability to innovate, know-how and the highest precision in
    J.D. Geck GmbH
  • KF Srl Società benefit

    Modena, Italy
    Italian Manufacturer of a wide range of industrial monitors from 4,3” to 55”, for different applications: from Petrol Stations to ATM visualization solutions, but also Visual screen, Medical,
  • KillBills SAS

    Paris, France
  • Kürten & Lechner GmbH

    Bergisch Gladbach, Germany
    We have been growing for over 125 years. Because we never run out of ideas. Perfect solutions require not only foresight and experience but also the latest technologies to implement your ideas
    Kürten & Lechner GmbH

    Zaventem, Belgium
  • Ledeca GmbH

    Düsseldorf, Germany
    Global brands have trusted us for years; while trusting in our quality, strength and capabilities.... We create solutions for our customers with confidence, which comes from the experience of working
  • LedLIVE SP. Z O.O.

    Stalowa Wola, Poland
    We specialize in providing  modern LED screens for indoor and outdoor applications. Our proposals are aimed at the business sector and tailored to individual needs. We prepare projects with
  • LICHT-CON Produktions GmbH

    Coesfeld, Germany
    POS advertising from classic neon displays to digital signage solutions with CMS software.
  • Start-up hub

    Loyal Guru

    Barcelona, Spain
    Loyal Guru is the retail-specific loyalty platform that improves the way supermarkets and retailers interact with their customers by combining first party data with super fast loyalty capabilities.
  • Loymax Ltd.

    Paphos, Cyprus
    Founded in 2010 Loymax is a developer of loyalty management and marketing automation platform. Our products include a CRM, loyalty management platform, campaign manager and an analytical module for
    Loymax Ltd.
  • Luxx Lichttechnik GmbH

    Büren, Germany
    LUXX will exhibit 3 product categories: mShelf - the electrified metal shelving with 4 integrated functions: 1) integrated power distribution thru the entire mShelf 2) integrated power track at the
    Luxx Lichttechnik GmbH
  • Moss GmbH

    Lennestadt, Germany
    Moss works with companies around the world to present their advertising messages in an appealing way. To do this, we are constantly working on three continents to balance materials, technologies and
    Moss GmbH
  • NewTec: Design Audio s.r.l.

    Bolzano, Italy
    WE MAKE YOUR BUSINESS SOUND The wireless sound system that gives the best customer experience to you and your customers. Since 2000 our commitment is to give our customers audio solutions that
    NewTec: Design Audio s.r.l.
  • Nexmosphere BV

    Eindhoven, Netherlands
    Transform any digital display into an engaging experience. Our collection of sensors and controls offers the ability to create unique interactive journeys wherever Digital Signage is applied.
  • Retail Technology

    Online Software AG

    Heidelberg, Germany
    Advertising impact at the cutting edge - this is what Online Software AG has stood for for  over 30 years. Renowned retail companies worldwide rely on its PRESTIGEenterprise platform for a
    Online Software AG
  • Retail Technology

    PAX Technology Limited

    Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
  • Retail Technology

    Permaplay Media Solutions GmbH

    Baden-Baden, Germany
    Partner am POS für Video/Multimedia/Digital Signage - Screens 7" bis 55", linear und interaktiv
    Permaplay Media Solutions GmbH
  • PeTa Bearbeitungstechnik GmbH

    Kleinostheim, Germany
  • PMS Perfect Media Solutions GmbH

    Hamburg, Germany
    PMS Perfect Media Solutions is a Hamburg-based full-service integrator and manufacturer of digital retail solutions that optimally stage brand-specific omnichannel communication in the store while
    PMS Perfect Media Solutions GmbH
  • Polet Led doo

    Zlatibor, Serbia
    Creativity, Innovation and Technology are the best tools used to solve our client’s problems. We follow an organic, yet systematic creative process to best address each potential task before it
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